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Don’t Let Roof Issues Snowball Come Spring


With another snowy, frigid winter just around the corner, now is the time to winterize your roof. During the winter, your roof is exposed to a number of harsh conditions, such as snow loading, freeze-thaw cycling, storm debris and possibly deicing chemicals.

Without a winterizing plan, all of this can lead to significant and expensive damage to your roof and possibly even your building come spring. When all that accumulated snow melts, you could be susceptible to spring showers – inside your facility.

Don't Let Roof Issues Snowball Come Spring

Prepare to Fight the Frost

Because everything is frozen in the winter, it¹s easy to believe there are no issues with your roof. But failing to take action before the snow, ice and storm debris pile up on your roof can lead to a disaster in the spring, when melted water can leak into open seams or loose flashings and the weight of ponded water can stress membranes. Not only does the presence of snow and ice make these issues nearly impossible to locate and repair, it¹s also more expensive because the snow and ice must be removed to repair any damage and control leakage.

By taking preventive steps now, during the fall, you can stay a step ahead of the weather and shield your roof from winter’s harmful effects. Making a small investment in an annual winterizing program is a drop in the bucket compared to the hefty – and often unplanned – expense of rehabilitating damaged materials on a roofing system come spring. It can also help cut energy and heating costs.

So before the frost arrives, fight it by winterizing your roof with these best practices:

  1. Conduct a Thorough Inspection – During the fall, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the entire roofing system for any damage and possible points of water entry. These can include tears or punctures to the roof’s surface; damaged counter flashings, drains and pitch pans; and loose gutters or snow guards. Additionally, make sure all storm drains are clear from blockage.
  2. Identify Any Issues – During the roof inspection, identify and list any issues you find. Tremco Roofing’s printable roof winterizing checklist provides an overview of critical issues that should be addressed while preparing a roofing system for winter.
  3. Take Corrective Action – Once you have identified any issues, you’ll need to make repairs to seal your facility’s roof against moisture infiltration. Left untreated, these issues can lead to leaking and the premature deterioration of a roofing system.

Following these best practices can help ensure a dry interior, no matter how harsh the winter season.

Let It Snow

Because each facility’s situation, climate, usage and components differ, it’s important to consult a roofing professional from a company, such as Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance, to help determine your roof’s condition and which winterizing options are most suitable.

With the right plan in place, winter maintenance can be simple, cost-effective and efficient – and you can let it snow with peace of mind.

Schedule a Free Roof Winterizing Inspection Today (Up to a $2,500 Value)

Don’t let small issues snowball into expensive, large-scale problems come spring. Let Tremco Roofing help you winterize your roof. Schedule a free roof winterizing inspection (up to a $2,500 value) with one of our roofing professionals today. For more information, contact Kristen Weiss at 877-432-1132.

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