Pre-compressed, self-expanding foam joint sealant for roofing expansion joints

Designed to accommodate high movement while still maintaining a tight seal throughout the life of the expansion joint, TremSEAL EJ foam joint sealant is easy and quick to install.  For various types of roofing expansion joints including roof to wall and both low and high profile joints, TremSEAL EJ foam joint sealant, combined with an approved weatherproof flashing system, replaces traditional expansion joint backing materials and reduces labor steps down to one installation such as replacing a single ply pocket with fiberglass insulation or backer rod.  The material will self-expand in one direction to fill the joint, depending on the storage and ambient temperature; it will continue to expand and equalize in the joint.  


TremSEAL EJ is made of a self-expanding foam sealant and designed expressly to be used with roofing expansion joints.


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