TremPly® KEE and KEE FB Single Ply Roofing Systems:

TremPly® KEE and KEE FB (Fleeceback) Single Ply Roofing Systems

A reinforced, polyester knit fabric with a proprietary hybrid thermoplastic alloy coating

The TremPly KEE and KEE FB (Fleeceback) Single Ply Roofing Systems are designed to provide superior performance and exceptional value.  Both systems incorporate proven Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE), which provides superior flexibility to accommodate building movement, as well as resistance to harmful UV rays and chemicals.  Heavy duty reinforcement makes the systems extremely resistant to tears and punctures, and combines with maximum seam strength for durability and long-term performance.  Their resistance to fungus, algae and fire makes TremPly KEE systems one of the most sustainable roofing systems available.

TremPly KEE and TremPly KEE FB single ply roofing systems can be mechanically attached or fully adhered, with seams fused with conventional hot air welding.  They come in 45 mil and 60 mill thicknesses and in white, gray and tan; all colors can help an organization meet LEED requirements.  TremPly KEE is manufactured in 37" and 74” wide by 100’ long rolls. KEE FB is manufactured in 72” wide by 80’ long rolls.

Both systems have extensive FM Global and Underwriters Laboratories approvals. 


A  TremPly KEE roofing membranes are constructed using high tenacity/heavyweight yarns to create a base fabric reinforcement to impart superior puncture, tensile and tear resistance properties. The base polyester fabrics are primed with a unique and proprietary adhesive coat that lays the foundation to physically bond the KEE coatings to the “fiber” to maximize seam strength and overall membrane performance.

TremPly KEE membranes are coated on the face to provide superior hot air welding characteristics, extreme UV resistance, broad chemical resistance and long-term flexibility and repairability for the installed roofing membrane system.


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