Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems:

Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

With a choice of cold- or hot-application and a range of performance levels, all of which provide exceptional waterproofing protection for your building, Tremco Roofing's POWERply® line of modified bitumen (MB) roofing solutions combine the advantages of advanced adhesives and membranes with the time-tested, reliable installation techniques of conventional built-up roofing to provide a fully integrated, long lasting- roofing system.  Click here to download our POWERply flyer.

Our newest MB system, PowerFAST™, starts with a high performance modified bitumen base membrane that is mechanically attached to the structural roof deck with barbed plates or pressure bars to enable it to withstand higher wind uplift forces than many fully adhered systems. The base ply overlap is sealed with a fast curing adhesive, making the lap watertight quickly.  Final surfacing is typically a granule surfaced MB, but we offer several highly reflective options to meet an owner’s expectations for a high quality roof system with a high performance surface finish. Roofing contractors will be glad to know that the PowerFAST system can be installed with less labor than fully adhered MB systems typically require.

Download our MB roofing installation manual.

If you require a cold-applied or hot-applied built-up roof, we can support you there as well with our BURmastic or THERMastic systems.

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