Roof Restoration:

Roof Restoration

All roofing systems require regularly scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance at least twice per year, preferably in the spring and fall. Without routine inspections, what may seem to be minor roofing issues can lead to expensive, time-consuming repairs from damage or water infiltration that can accelerate the aging and deterioration of a roofing system. In turn, this can ultimately lead to a need to replace the roofing system prematurely.

However, it doesn't have to be that way – not with the option of roof restoration. Restoration is a cost-effective, proactive process designed to prolong the life of a functioning built-up (cold applied or hot applied), modified bitumen, single ply or metal roof.

Determined from laboratory analysis, restoration upgrades the performance of your existing roof and its components by identifying and repairing defects, in addition to providing a new top coat to restore waterproofing continuity. 

You can learn more about the AlphaGuard family and the Geogard roof restoration system in the video below.

Restoring roofs is our specialty.  Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has been keeping good roofs good since Tremco was founded in 1928.  Our experience shows that restoration can dramatically extend the service life of a roof and delay replacement for years.

Restoration has a number of other benefits.  It is much less expensive than replacing a roof with a comparable one, and represents an excellent value by protecting an existing investment.  There is little disruption to those using the building, since little or no roof membrane is removed; furthermore, using low odor cold process restoration eliminates noxious fumes (and the risk of fire) and alleviates building occupants' health concerns related to roof work.  The restoration process can often be repeated, truly maximizing the roof's life.  Finally, reusing the existing roof saves tear-off and disposal costs, as well as being environmentally responsible.

Depending on the roof being restored, any one of our systems can be used: the BURmastic cold applied or THERMastic hot applied roofing system, POWERply MB, TremLock metal roofs, a range of single ply systems or the state of the art coatings and fluid-applied roofing systems that Republic Restoration Systems by Tremco offer.

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