WTI General Contracting:

WTI General Contracting

General ContractingWTI (Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc.), an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, offers a comprehensive inventory of roofing and general contracting (GC) services to building owners and facility managers in the United States. In addition, our General Services team provides a wide range of roofing services to help keep roofs leak-free and facilities dry, extending their useful service life: Weatherproofing Technologies Canada provides these services in Canada.

Our commitment to roofing excellence extends from ensuring that roofing systems are installed correctly to keeping them functioning as expected through ongoing asset management designed to meet both sustainability and financial goals. We will ensure that you know what roofing assets you have and their condition through our extensive inventory and condition analysis, manage your budget wisely and keep your roofs operational for as long as possible.

Through our Construction Management Services (CMS) program, we can take managing roofing projects off your plate, and put experts in charge of the intensive, time-consuming, daily demands of administration, budgeting, scheduling, quality control and on-site supervision. If you prefer to contract directly with a preferred contractor or manufacturer but don't have the time or in-house resources to effectively manage roofing projects, our CMS program may be just what you need. Additional details of our program are available in our CMS brochure.

In addition, our unique Tremco ManagedAssets program provides complete roofing and building envelope maintenance support while shifting the financial responsibilities to us.

Contract Purchasing

Contract purchasing (also known as cooperative procurement) has long been a solution for non-profit and government entities facing the need to do more with limited resources.

WTI is pleased to offer non-profit entities the opportunity to benefit from national cooperative and procurement contracts, each competed nationally and legally established by agencies and organizations to meet the buying needs of their members. (Through the use of group purchasing organizations, or GPOs, even for-profit organizations such as healthcare systems can benefit.)  WTI delivers best value procurement solutions through agreements with the following entities:

WTI's GC team offers single source responsibility for coordinating roofing projects obtained through a contract purchasing vehicle. This means a single-minded commitment to making roofing projects more efficient, more cost effective and more hassle-free for you. We provide an on-site superintendent who manages the daily work-in-progress, and keeps you informed throughout the entire job. This exclusive interaction minimizes your project concerns while ensuring effective communication and job satisfaction.

If you would like to consult with a WTI specialist about our General Contracting services, contact your local Tremco Roofing representative.

Roofing & Weatherproofing Peace of Mind

We deliver peace of mind to building owners and facility managers by managing roofing and building life cycles for customers in all industries, including education, healthcare, government, manufacturing and more.

  • Tremco Roofing offers the industry's most comprehensive roofing and weatherproofing solutions for restoration, repair, maintenance, replacement and new construction.
  • WTI (Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Tremco Incorporated), provides roofing services, construction management and general contracting.
  • Our Canam Building Envelope Specialists affiliate provides building envelope solutions to eliminate air leaks, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.


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