WTI RoofTec Roof Cleaning System:

WTI RoofTec Roof Cleaning System

Cleaning dirty, white "cool roofs" has always been a challenge -- inefficient, wasted water, chemicals introduced into the local environment from waste water, large crews.

Until now, with the innovative RoofTec® roof cleaning system from RPM companies Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance and Legend Brands.  The RoofTec system's extremely powerful, non-abrasive, rotating water jets remove dirt, mold and mildew from the roof surface without the negative effects of power washing. Water conservation is extraordinary; it uses less than half the water of competitive systems and captures waste water almost instantly.  The small amount of cleaning solution used is environmentally safe.  A two-person crew and quiet, efficient operation makes it perfect for facilities in residential neighborhoods, like schools.

Additional RoofTec Benefits

You benefit even further by:

  • Maximizing energy savings by restoring roofs’ reflectivity (and their SRI ratings*); 
  • Extending roof life-cycles by returning them to peak performance
  • Making roof maintenance easier 
  • Helping protect your Tremco Roofing warranty 
  • Potentially starting a restoration project the same day that you clean the roof, shortening the project’s timeframe

Learn More

The RoofTec system is a leading edge solution that will dramatically change how quickly and easily roofs can be cleaned, with an unmatched degree of environmentally friendliness. Click here to learn how California's Sierra Community College District used the RoofTec system to help prepare a number of their roofs before they were restored with Tremco Roofing's AlphaGuard BIO system. 

You can download the RoofTec roof cleaning system flyer for building owners and facility managers, or download our contractor-specific RoofTec flyer here. If you need immediate help making your roofs shine again, call us at 1.800.852.6013.

* Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) ratings are the result of multiple factors including test methods, age and roof slope. Please visit the Cool Roof Rating Council (www.coolroofs.org) or the US Green Building Council (www.usgbc.org) to learn more.

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