TremLock T-238 Standing Seam System:

TremLock T-238 Standing Seam System

The TremLock® T-238 from Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is a symmetrical, two piece mechanically seamed standing seam roof panel with a 2 3/8" seam height consisting of a metal panel and seam cap that can be installed on a broad range of substrate applications including open-framing. The seam is in a form of a "T" with two beads of continuous factory applied sealant located on the seam cap. Once installed, this two piece design provides a continuous, uninterrupted seal at the top of the seam.

With its symmetrical shape, clips can be pre-installed to cut down on labor time.  Coupled with the ability to repair or replace individual panels, this helps make the TremLock T-238 system lower cost and longer lasting than competitive metal roofing systems.

With a minimum slope requirement of only ½:12, the TremLock T-238 metal roofing system is ideal for retrofitting, re-roofing, and new construction.  To learn more specifically about how well the TremLock T-238 system works in retrofit applications, click here.  Our spec data sheet is available here and our installation guide can be downloaded here.

Related to the TremLock T-238 metal roofing system is the INSUL-TEE insulated metal roofing system.  The INSUL-TEE system provides an economical, flexible way to add the right amount of insulation to a metal building’s roof assembly.  It is ideal for use in both “remove and replace” and new construction applications.  Click here to learn more.

Our complete TremLock Metal Roofs and Walls catalog is available here and our variety of colors is here. Interested in our metal edging colors?  Click here.

For downloadable detail drawings in PDF or dwg format, click here;  for our technical documentation, click here.

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