OneSeal Roof Maintenance Products:

OneSeal Roof Maintenance Products

Easy-to-use aerosol products designed to clean, prime, and seal small holes and tears in roofs and walls.

While OneSeal Clean and Prime and OneSeal Roof Sealer can be used separately, their true strength comes when they are combined to clean, prime and seal small holes and tears in roofs and walls. OneSeal products can be used on built-up and modified bitumen roofs, single-ply membranes, TRA flashing, concrete, metal panel including those coated with Kynar® , glass and previously coated surfaces

OneSeal Product

OneSeal Clean and Prime is an all-in-one cleaner and primer containing an adhesion promoter to increase adhesion to most substrates. It is sprayed directly on the problem area and wiped clean after 15 to 30 seconds, both cleaning and priming the area.  When used with OneSeal Roof Sealer, the quick-dry formulation is ideal for efficient roof repairs, saving both time and money while providing long-term protection.

OneSeal Roof Sealer is used for minor but long-lasting patch and repair projects; it provides a watertight, flexible seal that prevents moisture penetration and corrosion. After cleaning the damaged area, simply spray OneSeal Roof Sealer on to the hole or tear; only a single coat is usually necessary. OneSeal Roof Sealer is fast-drying, generates a film build quickly, and eliminates cracking at low temperatures because of its great flexibility.

When used together, the quick-dry formulations are ideal for efficient roof repairs, saving contractors both time and money in their busy day-to-day schedules.  

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OneSeal Clean & Prime is a proprietary solvent blend specially formulated with adhesion promoters to increase adhesion to roof substrates. 

OneSeal Roof Sealer is solvent based and made from a highly elastomeric, UV resistant acrylic polymer designed to be used for long-term roof repair.

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