Cold Applied Built Up Roofing Systems:

Cold Applied Built Up Roofing Systems

When you need the durability and exceptional waterproofing capability of a multi-ply built-up roof but using a system with hot materials is not the right choice, Tremco Roofing's BURmastic® cold applied built-up roof system is the way to go.  With no kettles or disagreeable odor, the BURmastic system is ideal for restoration projects on buildings that must remain occupied during a roofing project, such as hospitals and schools, and roof areas with limited accessibility; it is also an excellent choice for new construction.  It's low in odor, available in solvent-free configurations, and can include recycled content.  You can download our BURmastic roofing system flyer here.

The unique Rock-It® and water-based Rock-It WB Roof Surfacing Systems combine white marble aggregate with a unique white adhesive for a highly-reflective, asbestos-free, surfacing that can be installed on a built-up roof.  Neither Rock-It system absorbs much heat, which can help reduce the use of air conditioning and make those using the building more comfortable.  Rock-It adhesive meets code requirements for fire resistance, while Rock-It WB helps make roofs even more sustainable because it's a water-based adhesive. 

Click here to download our built-up roofing installation manual.

If you require a modified bitumen or hot applied roof, we can support you there as well with our POWERply® MB line, PowerFAST MB system or THERMastic built-up roofing system.

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*As an ENERGY STAR Roof Star Roof Products Partner, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has determined this product meets the program's guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR qualification is valid for roofing products in the United States but not in Canada. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has implemented an ENERGY STAR Program which currently does not include roofing products.

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