POWERply Endure 200 Smooth:

POWERply® Endure® 200 Smooth

Smooth Surfaced, High Elongation, Polyester Reinforced SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane

POWERply® Endure® 200 Smooth is designed for roof membrane and flashing applications in hot-applied asphalt adhesives over multi-ply systems where a high strength, polyester reinforced, smooth surfaced membrane is desired.  It features anti-wick fabric and a RooF-ID™ chip embedded in each roll enabling the membrane to be identified after installation, if necessary.  POWERply Endure 200 Smooth is also suitable for application in a cold process modified bitumen system.


POWERply Endure 200 Smooth is an asbestos free, smooth surfaced, modified bitumen membrane with fire resistant characteristics.  It consists of specially selected bitumens, modified with SBS rubber along with RET and urethane high performance elastomers and reinforced with a non-woven polyester mat.  This product exceeds the requirements of ASTM D 6164, Type I, Grade S.  POWERply Endure 200 Smooth roof systems are fire rated by Underwriters Laboratories for an exterior fire hazard. 


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