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Spring Roof Inspection Checklist


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Spring Clean Checklist iconIs your roof prepared for spring? Is it secure and watertight? Moisture is a roof’s #1 enemy. It can ruin the insulation, cause mildew, rot decking and even damage the structure. An experienced roofing professional should inspect your roofing system at least twice per year, preferably in the spring and fall. Routine inspections help avoid expensive, time-consuming repairs from damage or water infiltration that can accelerate the aging and deterioration of a roofing system.

Tremco Roofing’s free printable spring cleaning checklist provides an overview of critical issues to address during a roof inspection. Below are four of the most common problems to look for when preparing your roof for spring:

    1.     Damaged Counter Flashings

      Counter flashings installed around roof penetrations – such as wall details, chimneys and skylights – are subject to parched caulking, separation and lifting due to expansion and contraction. When these issues arise, counter flashings can be a source of water entry into a building or roofing system.

        2.     Clogged Drains

          Over time, branches, leaves and other debris can collect and build up on a roof, leading to clogged drains. This often results in areas of ponded water, which can contribute to roof deterioration and trapped moisture, causing leakage.

            3.     Open Pitch Pans

              If improperly installed or not routinely maintained, pitch pans will eventually dry out and crack due to a loss of plasticizer or aging, allowing water to seep into the roof assembly.

                4.     Membrane Splits

                  Freeze thawing, pressure, water ponding and poor workmanship can cause roof membranes to split and blister, leading to cracks in the roofing system that usually run parallel to felt and insulation joints. When this occurs, water can pass through the roofing system.

                  Spring Forward with a Tremco Roofing Visual Inspection

                  Spring is the perfect time to bring your facility up to watertight standards. Tremco Roofing’s free visual inspection examines your roof for surface issues, such as damaged counter flashings, split membranes, clogged drains and open pitch pans. Once we determine the source and extent of your roof’s issues, we will develop a long-term plan to help you repair any damage, prepare for capital improvements, reduce costs and extend the life-cycle of your buildings.

                  Roof Inspection

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                  Schedule a free visual inspection with one of our roofing professionals today. Let Tremco Roofing help you spring forward and protect your roof before water infiltration or other damage occurs. Plus, learn more about our diagnostic testing and comprehensive roof and building envelope management services. For more information, contact Kristen Weiss at 877-432-1132.

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