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Tremco Roofing Introduces New Solutions at International Roofing Expo


BEACHWOOD, Ohio – February 17, 2015 – Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has a history of innovation stretching back to 1928. But it’s never been stronger than it is right now.

For next week’s International Roofing Expo, the company is introducing a number of systems and products, as well as convenient packaging for two popular products, and highlighting another three recent announcements. More information will be available at the Expo in Tremco Roofing’s two booths, #1701 and #2753.

New Systems

AlphaGuard™BIO: AlphaGuard BIO is a two-component, two-coat, bio-based polyurethane fluid-applied roofing system that is closely related to our AlphaGuard MT system, a popular choice with contractors and building owners from coast to coast. AlphaGuard BIO provides a solution to numerous roofing needs, including restoring structural concrete, BUR, MB and single ply roofs; installations on vegetated and IRMA roofs; new construction; and even a liquid flashing membrane for new roofs. The high bio content, low odor/VOC (> 6 g/L) and high reflectivity are sustainable benefits that customers want today, while the two-component polyurethane composition offers a fast-curing, high-performance system.

AlphaGuard MT Fluid Applied Roofing System

PowerFAST™ Modified Bitumen System: The PowerFAST MB system starts with a high-performance modified bitumen base membrane that is mechanically attached to the structural roof deck, enabling it to withstand higher wind uplift forces than many fully adhered systems; securement options featuring barbed plates or pressure bars are specified according to local wind uplift requirements. The base ply overlap is sealed with a fast curing adhesive, making it watertight quickly. Final surfacing is typically a granule-surfaced MB, but several high-reflectance options are available to meet the building owner’s expectations for a high-quality roof system with a high-performance surface finish. The PowerFAST system can be installed with less labor than fully adhered MB systems typically require.

Rock-It™ WB Surfacing: Rock-It WB is a white, water-based, highly reflective surfacing designed for use as a cold process aggregate adhesive; it works equally well as a flood coat over new roofs and as a restoration surfacing to adhere new aggregate to multi-ply bituminous roof systems. A low-VOC surfacing that is suitable for use on the most odor-sensitive accounts, Rock-It WB and approved aggregates meet the requirements of California's Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards and have been tested by the Cool Roof Rating Council; together they can help you meet your customers’ growing demands for sustainable roofing solutions.

TremLastic™ S Emulsion: This non-fibered, asbestos-free neoprene rubber modified asphalt emulsion serves as a protective coating for new and existing smooth asphalt BUR and MB roof surfaces. It bridges minor surface irregularities to seal roof surfaces from moisture intrusion and provides a smooth monolithic surface for coating applications, opening new roof restoration opportunities for contractors. TremLastic S emulsion is water-based, low in odor, and meets the strict VOC requirements for roof coatings in California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District and the US EPA’s National VOC Emission Standard for Architectural Coatings (AIM).

TremLock® T-138 Standing Seam Metal Roofing System: For easy, fast and cost-effective recovering of a damaged but still functional shingled roof, the TremLock T-138 metal roof is the perfect choice. There is no landfill debris, much less disturbance to the occupants and the roof can remain in a watertight condition during installation. The TremLock T-138 metal roof’s unique clip design provides a ¾” ventilated air space between the new and the old roof. This air space can help reduce heat transfer in the summer from 30% to 50%, according to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. During the winter, the air space prevents heat transfer from inside the building to the back of the roof panels and minimizes problems caused by premature snow melt and icing. The TremLock T-138 metal roof can also be installed directly on the deck in new construction or for a roof replacement.

AlphaGuard BIO, the PowerFast MB system, Rock-It WB Surfacing and TremLastic S Emulsion are all available now. The TremLock T-138 Standing Seam Metal Roofing System will be available this spring.

New Flashings

AlphaGuard PUMA: The primary use of AlphaGuard PUMA, a high-performance, two-component, two-coat, polyurethane modified methyl methacrylate roof coating, is as a liquid flashing membrane for new roofing systems. With an extremely fast cure time of 20-25 minutes and the ability to be applied in freezing temperatures, AlphaGuard PUMA is excellent for providing a durable, waterproof surface under challenging weather conditions and tight new construction schedules. AlphaGuard PUMA will be available in April.

Black/White TRA Elastomeric Sheeting: Black/White TRA Elastomeric Sheeting is designed as a reinforced flashing sheet in both hot- and cold-applied BUR and MB roof systems. It can be applied with SEBS modified asphalts such as our THERMastic, THERMastic 80 or THERMastic 150 adhesives as well as cold adhesives such as our Sheeting Bond and Polyroof SF. Black/White TRA Elastomeric Sheeting is compounded from a blend of EPDM and SBR thermoset elastomers, comes with a white surface for coating-free flashing applications and is reinforced with a high-strength polyester woven scrim. Black/White TRA Elastomeric Sheeting is available now.

Two New Sealants and New Packaging

Permaroof GWS Roof Sealant: Permaroof GWS is a versatile sealant that repairs cracks, splits and fractures in BUR and MB roof membranes in a single-layer application without the need for additional reinforcing fabrics. This fast, labor-saving way to prevent moisture intrusion can also be used on joints and on concrete and metal surfaces, in combination with the recommended Tremco silicone sealant primers. Permaroof GWS is a moisture cure, one part gun-grade silicone sealant with self-leveling characteristics. It is available now.

DriSuit Spray-Applied Roof Sealer: Formulated with a premium grade of thermoplastic resin and fast-evaporating solvents, our DriSuit spray-applied roof sealer dries within minutes to form a tight elastomeric waterproofing seal that effectively stops leaking and provides long-term protection from UV degradation. Excellent low-temperature flexibility, long-term UV stability, low water absorption, fantastic adhesion to various substrates with water-clear transparency and resistance to staining make it suitable for repairing all sorts of roofs including BUR, metal and PVC single ply as well as masonry and concrete walls. DriSuit Sealer will be available in the fall of 2015.

Geogard and Solargard Seam Sealer Quart Cartridges: The Republic Restoration Systems by Tremco popular Geogard and Solargard Seam Sealers will be available in March in quart-sized caulk gun cartridges. The easy-to-handle packaging will improve the ease of application while reducing waste. Match that with a high-performance urethane sealant that is compatible with most roofing systems and you have the ideal roof repair material.

At the International Roofing Expo, Tremco Roofing will also be exhibiting its three vegetated roofing systems, the RoofTec™ Roof Cleaning System and its contractor rewards program.

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