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Tremco Roofing Introduces Energy Code App


BEACHWOOD, Ohio (March 19, 2014) – Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is proud to introduce the unique TremCode energy code app, which our sales representatives can use exclusively to help answer customer questions about state-specific construction codes quickly and easily. The app can be used on both iPhones and iPads.

“The TremCode energy code app contains up-to-the-minute International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) information for all 50 states,” said John Breidenbach, AIA, LEED® AP, Tremco Roofing’s market development manager for architecture. “New or revised energy codes are constantly being adopted, which makes knowing the current code an uncertainty and tracking the entire country daunting, a real problem for facility professionals who are responsible for buildings in multiple states.

“With the TremCode energy code app, our sales representatives can access the latest edition of the IECC, locate the Climate Zone for their account, and with a final tap calculate critical information like the proper R-value for the roofing solution being proposed or whether an air barrier or white, reflective roof may be required. Only Tremco Roofing has this unique app available for our reps to use with their customers,” Breidenbach said.

The app will also benefit members of the design community, according to Breidenbach. “Design professionals are often overwhelmed with collecting pertinent, up-to-date information, especially at the start of a project. With the TremCode energy code app, our representatives are uniquely positioned to be a vital resource when the question of appropriate roofing solutions and R-value inevitably comes up during the design process.”

All of this rapidly changing, national information is available to Tremco Roofing’s sales representatives and their customers with just a few taps on our new app, Breidenbach said. “The release of the TremCode energy code app marks the beginning of the next generation of how we will distribute, share and use information to help our customers make major roofing decisions.” Plans are underway to expand the app into Canada and add dew point capabilities for all of North America.

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