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Tremco Roofing Introduces AlphaGrade™ Restoration System for Gravel-Surfaced Roofs


BEACHWOOD, Ohio (July 12, 2022) – Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is proud to introduce the AlphaGrade Restoration System for gravel-surfaced built-up roofs (BUR). This unique, bio-based, liquid-applied system restores aging yet still functional built-up roofs with multiple layers of waterproofing protection—eliminating the need for roof replacement, while saving building owners tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

“Gravel-surfaced built up-roofs are durable and long-lasting, but like anything, they still deteriorate with age,” said Josh Poole, Tremco Roofing’s Product Manager – Liquid Applied Systems. “Until now, your options to address these aging roofs included roof replacement or retrofit—which can be very expensive, labor intensive, messy and disruptive—or restoration using aging technologies that offer limited performance. The AlphaGrade Restoration System offers a better solution that brings these roofs back to life through a high-performance, waterproof covering that helps the environment and reduces stress for building occupants.”

Three Layers of Protection

After an assessment and diagnostics determine that a roof can be restored, repairs are made and loose gravel and debris are removed. Three layers of bio-based waterproofing protection are then applied:

  • AlphaGrade, a leveling coat that locks the remaining gravel in place
  • AlphaGrade Base Coat
  • Highly reflective and restorable AlphaGrade Top Coat

 Because all restoration layers are liquid, installation requires much less material and equipment than replacing a built-up roof. In addition, there is little disruption to those using the building, no odor and no risk of fire from hot kettles.

Introducing AlphaGrade Restoration System

Restoration System Benefits

“Sometimes, a roof has to be replaced because it’s so badly damaged,” said Poole.  “But when you can restore, the benefits are significant and broad-based – including financial, environmental and even quality of life.” 

These key benefits include: 

  • Sealing gravel in place, thereby eliminating wind-borne debris and the damage they can cause (a benefit unique to AlphaGrade);
  • Low overall costs given that restoration costs a fraction of replacement;
  • Sustainability benefits, as AlphaGrade includes significant percentages of bio-based and post-consumer recycled content and no tear-off keeps most roofing material from being hauled to overstressed landfills;
  • The highly reflective, waterproof surface can help lower energy usage and reduce the strain on HVAC equipment, as well as be tinted to meet a facility’s aesthetic requirements; and
  • AlphaGrade’s top coat can be restored repeatedly, virtually eliminating the need for roof replacement if it is properly maintained.

Tremco Roofing is committed to sustainability and its impact on facilities and the people who use them. Our products, systems and processes help our customers develop and maintain sustainable, high-performance buildings that last longer, cost less to operate, and contribute to a healthier planet. Focusing on restoration, renovation and repair supports our belief that the most sustainable buildings are the ones that already exist.

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